Our organization was created to help support Animal Control Solutions LLC, a local animal control provider with their unclaimed stray dogs and cats. We help raise funds that are needed to prep animals for adoption and treat those that come in sick or injured. 

Support your local rescue; our animals come from New Jersey. They were likely picked up from a backyard near you, surrendered for adoption by their owners, or transferred from another local agency. We are proud to share that we have helped save hundreds of homeless animals since 2013.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Foster: Temporarily house animals until they find their forever home. We provide all the supplies you need!

Event Volunteer: Assist with adoptions at local pet stores or community events on select weekends once a month 

Cat Socilalizing/Cage Cleaning: Petvalu (Location: Florham Park, NJ), Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital (Readington)

Wish List:

Dry & Canned Cat Food, Bath Sized Towels, Medium Metal Dog Crates, Kitten Milk Replacement Powder, Yesterdays News, Weewee Pads, Covered Litter Boxes.